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We Know Electricity Better

As you know, without Electricity we are Helpless in our Day to day activities, this makes us at SMDP believe Electricity has become an Essential Commodity whose Price Year On Year has been increasing due to its Higher Consumption Demand. You must be surprised if we Tell you, That! You Can simply reduce your electricity Bills by an average 40% if You Intelligently manage usage of Your Appliances / Applications for which you Pay Heavy Electricity Bill!! Yes, this is possible, But it cant be achieved by Just Installing Products. We need to make sure that the Product works for its Best Use.

User customizable SMS and E-Mail alerts for key situations leading to taking preventive actions against anomalies. SMDPower Solutions help to Increase Operational efficiency and improve productivity. SMDPower Solutions help to optimize cost of energy and also helps in taking more informed decisions.

We at SMDP Smartly Measure the Electricity Usage and provide Dynamic Power saving Solutions. Our Solutions at SMDP are designed to Give You Best ROI as they are customised with detailing in Usage of Electricity be it for Residential, Commercial, Industrial Power Consumption.

Our solutions to benefit across verticals:

  • Our Clients: with Lesser Amount on Electricity Bills.
  • Our Country: with Higher Electricity Efficiency.
  • Our Nature: Lesser Pollutions, Lesser Heat Generations.
  • Our Associates: Reliable Solutions Provider in Electricity Conservation.

Why SMDP Solutions is different.

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Our Clients

SMDP works with several organizations and individuals to bring clean and sustainable energy to the four corners of the world.

Clean and sustainable energy, biofuel and water for our planet

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