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iSls – iNtelligent Street lighting system

iNtelligent Street lighting system

Simply use Solar Energy to Light the Dark Nights for Common or Public Use.

Charge’ Store’ Light’ in a compact unit, No Skilled labour required to Install, Retrofits available for old Solar Light Installations.

Why iSls over other Solar Street Lights?

  • Compact design with integrated solar panel, LED light , Motion Sensor, Li-ion Battery and solar charge controller.
  • Microprocessor based design enables intelligent and efficient working.
  • Lithium ion battery technology provides long maintenance free product life.
  • PIR Motion sensor adjusts LED brightness to extend light backup time.
  • Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn operation and solar panel dirty indication LED.
  • Costs less than other conventional Solar Street Light.

How iSls Works?

Its superior Power Electronics Technology controls the Li-Ion Battery without damaging its Life. Solar Radiations during Sun-Day gets converted to DC electricity, which is fed to the Microprocessor based Power Electronics controller driving the Battery and the LED Light. Its PE controller charges the Battery during Day Time and at Nights illuminate the Dark area giving priority to Mankind Use. iSls uses Motion Sensor Technology to give you better value for Money’ by this it becomes Lighter, Smaller battery, works as a Security Alert too…

Unique Features:

Bright LED: 15W, 1500 lumens, 120̊ Dispersing Angle.

Less Quantity: Recommended 10mtr distance between each, at height of 4 mtrs.

Mount anywhere: Pole and Wall Mounting with same Fixture.

Anybody Install: No Wiring, Just switch It Forget It concept.

iSls 2.0: Unique LED Light Fixture with Li-Ion battery.

a solution to revive your older Solar Street Lights. Problems observed with Solar Based street Lights are! Battery Theft, non-functioning Light! Or Both. Majorly its observed that the solar Panel is always in Good condition. iSls 2.0 will use the existing solar panel for its better use. Value for Money.

Bright LED: 15w, 1500Lumens, 120̊ Dispersing Angle.

Suggested Solar panel:  40wp to 75wp.



Gardens, Housing Complex, Rural Areas, wherever Solar Lighting is to be made best use off.

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