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iSense – iNtelligentSensRecorder for Electricity

iNtelligent SensRecorder for Electricity

Simply get your Balance Sheet for the Electricity Bills at your finger tip and make it Profitable.Its estimated at minimum 20% Kwh (Units) of your Electricity Bills is treated as unknown Losses which can be recovered by iSense . That’s 20% profits YOY!!


Small & Large Scale Manufacturers:

Advance Electricity Management, Consumption Reports, Breakdown Analysis, Cost
Analysis of the Produce.

Large Residential Complex: eBilling, Pre-Paid Billing, Common Light Management. Control Appliances Remotely.

How iSense Works?

Energy sensors installed at desired Points monitor the DATA of the Electricity and Energy. This DATA is transmitted to our secured server where it gets Recorded to give you various Reports of Energy Consumed.

iSense gives a CEO commercial details of Electricity usage, for a Maintenance Manager it proposes Reports on work hours of the Machine. For Manufacturing Manager it assists in Planing his production. It generates Monthly Bills for a Housing Complex management and many more.

This platform is simple enough for anyone to use, productive for a CEO to make decisions and more than enough to astound your engineers with its dept of functionality and reporting. Cloud computing allows service providers to access an elastic pool of IT resources such as storage, servers and computing ensuring they can scale up and down computing capabilities as client needs expand and change.We shape your data into something that is easy for everyone to understand. With our simple-to-use, intuitive interface you can quickly see summaries of all your utility usage in real-time.

SMDP offers solution for the analysis and monitoring of your energy usage. The system enables you to analyze your power usage from various perspectives by easy way. System features include energy use, maximum demand, load balancing, tariffs and operation. A multitude of reports can then be produced so as to fully understand and assess how power is used within your property. It provides a web-based platform for all users to view real time energy consumption of all projects at any location.

Why iSense  ?

Specialised’ Qualified’ Team from SMDP as available for support to assist you to take decisions in Making your project energy efficient so that you Save on Daily Money Losses.

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