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iClc – iNtelligent Common Light Controller

iNtelligent Common Light Controller

Simply illuminate Public’ Common’ Fenced’ areas when Dusk and Save Electricity by Dawn.

iClcis designed to give you the Assurity of Light in the Evenings till Dawn without human interface. By this you Save on Electricity for about 5 hrs a Day.

Why iClc ?

  • Public / commuters not disturbed with Darkness due to switching on of Streetlights.
  • Increases safety on Roads.
  • Saves roughly 5hrs of wasted electricity compared to manual switching of Streetlights.
  • Due to automations’ Manpower can be better utilised for Breakdown or other relevant use.
  • No programming required for seasonal change of Dusk n Dawn timings.

How iClc works?

We use calculations of the oldest subject called Astrology in an Chip. It has no sensor to detect the rise or set time of Sun. Instead it uses Astronomical mathematics to calculate the Rise/Set time for given date. These calculations are based on the entered Latitude/Longitude values or city selection with high level of accuracy in prediction.

Unique Features:

  • Twilight setting of -/+ 60 minutes allows the switching before or after the sunset / sunrise, for more safety & power saving
  • Main switching channel for switching of load as per sunset & sunrise timing
  • Accuracy of switching : +/- 5 min
  • Clock Accuracy : Better than +/- 1 sec per day @ 25 deg. C


  • Street Lighting

Street Lighting can be controlled with the use of iClc Time Switches. Due to Astronomical advantage, more energy can be saved.

  • High Mast Lighting

iClc can be used for high mast lighting wherein utilities require one of the phases to be switched OFF after midnight.

This can be achieved using iClc wherein the feature of Alternate OFF can be used to switch off one of the phases alternatively and achieve equal lamp burning hours.

  • Signage
  • Signages used outside shops can be effectively controlled using iClc that takes into account seasonal variations.
  • Resorts, Municipalities, Housing Complex, Depots, Warehouses, Industries.
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