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iTc 2.0 – iNtelligent Temperature controller

iNtelligent Temperature controller

Simply make your AC more intelligent by connecting iTc 2.0 to reduce its electricity consumption without disturbing cooling comfort.

How iTc 2.0 works?

To become intelligent, it works on fussy logic technology whose algorithms are embedded in its micro-controller. Its sensor’s reads temperature at 2 points’ Room Temperature & Internal AC coil temperature.

When you switch on AC what happens is- the compressor starts cooling the internal coil thus the Room gets cooled. When the room get cooled to the set temperature – or when the Room temperature reaches the temperature we desire’ the compressor stops (takes rest). In short time depending on the heat generated in the Room’ frequency of opening the door of the Room the compressor restarts to further maintain the Room temperature.

A crucial point to be noted is that when the compressor functions, the coolant (coil temperature) reaches to a temperature of 8-11 degree. And when it re starts to maintain the cooling, coil temperature is still at about 13-15 degree. Your iTc 2.0 Uses all the Balance Cooled Coil Temperature iNtelligently without Re-Starting compressor and Reduces Your Electricity Bills every time when you use Your AC’s.

When iTc 2.0 works for you’ it will fully utilize the pre-produced cold energy!

• Hence iTc 2.0 wont allow start of the compressor until Coil Temperature reaches the desired Room temperature. It Saves wastage of Energy and Electricity.

• Number of compressor starts reduces.
• Room Temperature is Maintained perfectly as iTc 2.0 senses Room as well as Coil Temp.
• You pay less on Electricity consumption. Bills Get Discounted.

Health Benefits with iTc 2.0:

iTc 2.0 maintains an uniform Temperature at the Working or Resting Atmosphere (Room) it minimizes the

Health Risk caused due to Intense Cooling Effects of AC without iTc 2.0 like

• Sudden changes in temperature and humidity affect the respiratory system.
• Drying effect on skin and Mucous membranes.
• Air conditioning is associated with chronic rhinitis and pharyngitis, throat irritation and hoarseness.
• Air conditioning can exacerbate Eye conditions such as Dry Eyes, Conjunctivitis, Blepharitis, as well as causing problems for contact lens wearers.

Note: iTc 2.0 does not Tamper with regular functioning of AC’s. On the contrary it will

• Reduce Gas Leakages, Reduces Harmful effects of it.
• Rest time of Compressor Increases, Hence Life increases.

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